Genaxy Single Channel - Variable Volume


  • Single and Multi-Channel are available.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic design provides excellent gripping for smooth operation. Inner mechanism has high strength stainless steel spring for which helps to relieve fatigue of hands.
  • Digital display, adjusted delivery volume clearly indicated in the large digital display on the handle;
  • Fully made of high strength material. Made from Non-corrosive material, alcohol disinfection; Enhanced anti UV linearity, UV sterilization;
  • Different colors are used to identify pressing handles, making it easier to select pipettes of required specifications;
  • Well-compatible with most of the pipette tips on the market;
  • Comes with 3 years Warranty


Catalog No. Volume Increment
GENSleek-2 0.1-2.5µL 0.002µL
GENSleek-10 0.5-10µL 0.1µL
GENSleek-20 2-20µL 0.5µL
GENSleek-50 5-50µL 0.5µL
GENSleek-100 10-100µL 1µL
GENSleek-200 20-200µL 1µL
GENSleek-1000 100-1000µL 5µL
GENSleek-5000 500-5000µL 50µL
GENSleek-10000 1000-10000µL 0.1ml




Image Product Name Catalog No. Product Description Pack Size Quantity Action


Catalog No. Description
GENSleek-T-5ML Tips for GENSleek-5000, Clear
GENSleek-T-10ML Tips for GENSleek-10000, Clear


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