Genaxy Single Channel - Variable & Fixed Volu

  • Soft Comfort -The smooth plunger mechanism offers least resistance for ease and effortless accuracy
  • Ergonomy- Best in-hand grip for comfort
  • Precise Setting -  Of the selected volume ensures accurate aspiration & dispensing of the liquid
  • Durable Tip Cone - Offers highest resistance to shocks and chemical corrosion


Genaxy micropipettes are Fully autoclavable, UV resistant, single channel pipettes for all your pipetting applications.


Fully autoclavable UV resistance, single channel pipettes
GENSleek is made of mechanically robust and chemically resistant materials, making it a durable and stable pipette giving consisting performance for long time.
Single hand pipetting can be done smoothly to improve operation efficiency.
Hand temperature doesn’t permeate easily through the body of the pipette. Therefore the accuracy of the volume measurement is not affected.
Slim nozzle can be easily inserted into tubes to aspirate, which is useful at lab work.




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