Nichiryo (NPX2/NPLO2/NPP)

1. Glass-made counter window
Volume display made of durable glass material protects the damage from UV irradiation and keep the pipette safer in clean bench even over a long time.
2. Lock mechanism
Designed with a lock mechanism,it is easier to adjust volume smoothly.
3. Body
Materials used for pipette body have high tolerance to solvents.
Non-grease designed. No need to worry about continuous autoclaving.
4. Ejector pipe
The ejector pipe fixed by a screw is easier to remove.
5. Plunger
Non corrosive ceramic used in the plunger. (200uL-10000uL)
6. Resin-made ejector pipe
Resin material of ejector pipe could enhance high tolerance to solvents.
7. Hyper Blower system
Hyper blower system improves dispensing efficiency, especially on 2μL and on 10μL dispensing.


Nichiryo’s micropipette "Nichipet" can be autoclaved entirely without disassembly, with features such as low (plunger) resistance when the push button is pressed to mitigate user fatigue, and high chemical resistance depending on the model.Nichiryo’s Micropipettes are air displacement devices that controls aspiration and dispensing of liquid by controlling air intake and output via an internal piston mechanism. Models cover measurement of liquid from 0.1 μL to 10000 μL. 


  • Fully autoclavable. ( 121°C for 20 minutes )
  • Enhanced UV resistance.
  • Hyper Blower System, longer second - push stroke, improves dispensing efficiency.(2μL, 10μL)
  • Easy digital volume setting.
  • Easy and convenient single hand locking lever.
  • Eight sizes to cover a wide volume range. ( 0.1μL - 10000μL )
  • PTFE ( Fluorine resin ) is used in the airtight chamber of the instrument, so the instrument keeps its air tightness and precise reproducibility for long hours.
  • Ceramic plungers are used for volume models from 200μL to 10000μL.
  • Filtered Nozzles are used for volume models from 1000μL to 10000μL.
  • Tip ejector allows tip ejections without touching the tip.
  • Tip ejector is made of plastic to avoid damaging glass tubes.


NPX2 - Nichipet EX II 


Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL)
00-NPX2-2 Digital Setting 0.1-2 0.002
00-NPX2-10 0.5-10 0.01
00-NPX2-20 2-20 0.02
00-NPX2-100 10-100 0.1
00-NPX2-200 20-200 0.2
00-NPX2-1000 100-1000 1
00-NPX2-5000 1000-5000 10
00-NPX2-10000 1000-10000 10



NPLO2 - Nichipet EX Plus II 


Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL)
00-NPLO2-2 Digital Setting 0.1-2 0.002
00-NPLO2-10 0.5-10 0.01
00-NPLO2-20 2-20 0.02
00-NPLO2-100 10-100 0.1
00-NPLO2-200 20-200 0.2
00-NPLO2-1000 100-1000 1
00-NPLO2-5000 1000-5000 10
00-NPLO2-10000 1000-10000 10


NPP - Nichipet Premium


Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL)
00-NPP-2 Digital Setting 0.1-2 0.002
00-NPP-10 0.5-10 0.01
00-NPP-20 2-20 0.02
00-NPP-100 10-100 0.1
00-NPP-200 20-200 0.2
00-NPP-1000 100-1000 1
00-NPP-5000 1000-5000 10
00-NPP-10000 1000-10000 10



Image Product Name Catalog No. Product Description Pack Size Quantity Action


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