Bottle top Dispensor

VITLAB® bottle-top dispensers are suitable for a variety of precision dispensing applications. VITLAB® genius2 and simplex2 can be used for practically any task, while the dispenser VITLAB® TA2 has been specially developed for use in trace analysis and with highly concentrated media. As they are produced from materials with high chemical resistance, VITLAB® bottle-top dispensers are very robust and reliable. They can be mounted directly or with the help of an adapter on all common laboratory bottles, so that decanting of chemicals is not necessary.


The bottle-top dispensers VITLAB® genius2 and simplex2 are equipped with a positive displacement piston and a fluoroplastic (PFA) sealing lip on the cylinder wall. The latter acts as a “windscreen wiper” to prevent crystal build-up on the cylinder wall from readily crystallisable media. The telescopic filling tube can be adjusted
smoothly to different bottle heights.




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